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Toos Publication
History and Background

Mr. Mohsen Bagherzadeh, the founder  of Toos Publication, had born in Mashad in 1939. After finishing his Diploma, he started his professional work as a Journalist with different local Journals and later with Capital City, Tehran, and Newspapers. The year 1951 was starting point of his cooperation with the bookshops publishing companies, when he began his job as a salesman in Gutemberg Printing House and Bookshop (one of the most famous and old publications). Attachment to the book, urged Mr. Bagherzadeh to choose this profession as his permanent task; so, the next year, he became sales manager of Gutenberg. Meanwhile, he established Toos Publication in 1959 and besides, he continued his activities as a journalist. The first book printed by Toos, was Khorasan’s Contemporary Poertry and after that, more three appeared in Bazar and this moment was point of departure for Mr. Bagherzadeh to move to a big City like Tehran. In Capital City, he preferred to work with a Cultural Society like Foundation for Culture of Iran as well. The outcome of this attempt was precious experiences of knowledge, intellectual principles and practical methods of Book Processing, being accessed from scholars and Masters of wisdom. Anyhow, engagement in such activities did not disturb his duties to progress Toos publishing House. In 1971, the first Toos Bookshop was established and started to work opposite to Teran University, which is active till this day. Onto year 1977 most of the Toos books being published, were Social and Political and in few case, Literary works; since 1978. other subjects, mostly Pre-Islamic Mythology, History and Culture and Classical Persian Literature also included and have been always favorite references to Iranologists and Scholars. Toos has succeeded to publish more than 700 tiltles during last 60 years, among which some books have been chosen as the book of year and best sellers in International Book Fair of Tehran.