Yade Yare Mehrban

45.000 تومان

Mirza Molla Ahmad

Toos Publication



Yade Yare Mehrban which forwarding the fragrance of Rudaki, one of the most celebrated national lyric poets, is an offering from Tadjikestan, by Professor Dr. Mirza Molla Ahmad, favourite Tadjik scholar, as the outcome of his long pilgrimage. In fact, the book is a kind of memorandum work containing a brief biographies of 178 poets and writers [eloquent] coming from Vararudan to India, who were reciting their prose or poetry during 16th – 20th century.  The book, given the samples of their verses, is actually cherished at the horizontal ground of new cultural interrelations of Iran and Central Asia.  The empahtic concentration of the author in this collection is on Persian poets of Tadjikestan, and if there are memorial notes on outstanding figures such as Bidel and Zaib al-nessa, who lived all their lifetime in India, the reason is that, both had great influences on past and present poetry of Tadjik and other Persian poets of Central Asia.  Apart from its novelty[rhetoric], artistic and historical values, this work also benefits from special manner in search for the Indian Style Verse and its impact on the Modern Persian Poetry.


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