The World Consciousness and the Culture

15.000 تومان



Mohebi, Khodayar.  Nightingale’s Song: The World Consciousness and the Culture, Tehran: Toos, 1999.

The author of this book is a famous sociologist and scholar and the member of International Society for History of Religions in Geneva University. He has compiled a collection of his ideas on different categories such as Science, Art, Mysticism, Philosophy, Love, Free Choice, Biology, Anthropology, Sociology, Informatism, Epistemology and their history from a new aspect.  Enjoying the works of Iranian, as well as World Philosophers and Scholars a lot, at the same time he has meditated and verified his believes and understandings, and as a Sociologist and Religion theorist, has presented his own Intellectual and Scientific.  This work can be considered as a complement on European Philosophy and Asian Wisdom.


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