Greeks and Barbarians

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Amir Mehdi Badie, the famous, worldwide, brilliant scholar, writer and translator. He is the author of many books and articles besides this valuable book, The Greeks and the Barbars, for which he has become mostly known, such as Methodology of Sciences; Zoroaster Worldview and his glorius words; Hegel and the foundations of contemporary Thought; Unpublished Elegy of Amirshahi.

 Badie, A.M. The Greeks and the Barbars (original in French: Les Grecs et Les Barbares). Tehran: Toos, 2003, 8 Vols.

What do we know about Ancient Greece, the land of Nobility, Art and Philosophy, which had very close connections and interrelations with Iran, since Early Times onto Islamic Period; Even sometimes being a part of Great Kingdom of Achamenids or under the Solukids rule, has always intellectual transactions with Persian intellectuals.

About Herodutos, the great and famous historian and historiographer, who has been given the title of “The Father of the History” by the Europeans, there are little informations.  As it is claimed, most of the time he has overturned and altered the history, especially Iranian History, to the extent that even his country fellow-man and companion, Plutarch, has writen a book called Malice of Herodutos, to disclose his forge of the documents.

The Greeks and the Barbars, a great encyclopedic work in itself, is mostly considerable because of general, realistic and definite study of history, writen in French by great Iranian scholar, Badie and has been translated by distinguished and outstanding translators to Persian.


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