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Khanlari, Parviz Natal, Haftad Sokhan[Seventy Essays].  Tehran: Toos.

 Professor Dr. Master Parviz Natal Khanlari outstanding Prestigious, International and

National scholar, Iranologist, professor of University, writer, translater, great critic and poet, Man of Letters and everlasting,unique, and brilliant intellectual of our time.  He was also the founder of Bonyade Farhang [The Foundation for Culture] and Sokhan Periodical besides many other Intellectual Services.  Professor Khanlari as the creative author of very substantial works, has given birth to some fundamental books on Persian Language, Ethymology and Literature, which are and will be always valuable textbooks in the universities and academic circles. We can mention two of his important works:

1.Linguistics and Persian Language. 2. The Measures of Persian Poetry.

Haftad Sokhan is a symbolic name for hundreds of scholarly and analytical essays in the field of Poetry; Art; Culture; and Social Sciences; Persian Classical Literary Patterns; Modernism in contemporary world literature, compiled in four volumes.


The first volume with the special name of Poetry and Art, consists of an introduction and 49 articles on poetry – prose; knowledge and life; society; litrary critics; Prose standards; dramatic arts…


The second volume titled Culture and Society, contains an introduction and 51 different articles with the subjects like nationality; culture; politics; editing and grammar; dialects; the usage of foreign words; Iranology; methods of research…


The third volume with the topic A miscellanea of Persian literature well arranged in four parts to deal with Old literature; Persian contemporary prose; Khanlari’s literary memories of Sadeq Hedayat; literary Varietion. In the first section, he gives noblely comments on Persian Pre-Islamic Literature; The letter of Kings; The dialogues of Birds; 13 famous poets from Obaid Zakani to Hafiz…


The fourth volume is a collection of articles on novel; modernity in contemporary European, American and Asian poetry; different literary schools of twentieth century such as Futurism, Surrealism, Dadaism, Kubism… In fact, Professor Khanlari as a creative thinker, suggests new ideas on criticism, reffering to many literary samples of world literature and prose in this    volume…


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