Sandbad Nameh

30.000 تومان

Mahjoub, Mohammad Jafar

Toos Publication



 Mahjoub, Mohammad Jafar,The Poetry book of Sandbad Nameh-e-Manzoom. Tehran: Toos.

Sandbad Nameh is a Poetical analogous book as a  parrallel work to Sandbad Nameh-e-Mansour of Samarghandi [The Editor], in poetical meter of convergent, composed and compiled by Azzad Yazdi (The poet of 15 century, contemporary to Hafiz), which has been published for the first time. As Professor and Master Mahjoub has claimed, Samarghandi has well done the reciting of the work without acces to the original manuscript, but it seems that he has started and come to end (on 776 A.D.) the litrary composing of the work on the basis of another manuscript.  4159 lost verses of the original text has been completed and recited by incredible creation of great poet, Mohammad Jalali Chimeh (M. Sahar).  In fact, this important book on the basis of Ancient fables and advices of  Sanscrit and Persian Manuscripts, could be considered also as the complement to the famous books of Kalileh and Damneh; One and thousand Nights. The work has become a valuable scholarly study, by the intelligent and perfect editing and inclution of tables by Professor Mahjoub.


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