Rise and fall of Taymurtash

45.000 تومان

Djavad Shaykholeslami

Toos Publication



Shaykholeslami, Djavad. Ed.  Rise and fall of Taymurtash.  Tehran: Toos.

Despite historical and rumored narration which figure out Abdulhossein Taymurtash as Russian Tzars’ Spy or Agent, Professor Shaykholeslami relying on a great deal of domestic historical resources, and also enjoying the published and unpublished documents of Foreign Ministry of England, claim that Taymurtash was an intelligent and patriot. Since he was among Iranian Defender of National Rights and of opponents of the conclusion of IranoEngland Oil Contract, The State of England at that time had altered the image of his character, by mischiefing and forging, let the Pahlavi Royal Court and Reza Shah himself to revolt against his attitude and position.  This book which is one of the most richest historical resources, including new documents and data, traces the life of Taymurtash and a phase of Contemporary History of Iran and discloses many hidden and fictitious problems of this period.  The editor has added an introduction, explanations and notes to the work to give clear understanding about the facts to the reader.



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