Repetition of Subject matter in Hafiz Speech

30.000 تومان

[Repetition of Subject matter in Hafiz Speech]

Ghaissari, Ebrahim

Toos Publication



Ghaissari, Ebrahim, Pardeh Golriz [Repetition of Subject matter in Hafiz Speech]. Tehran: Toos, 2001.

Ebrahim Ghaissari being in solidarity with Hafiz and his imagery world has created a new work as the outcome of his learning and educating for many years.  Pardeh Golriz is the name of this work, which has taken by the author from a very beautiful Lyric poem of Hafiz.  The author has considered and meditated on magnificent meanings of those poems, which Hafiz certainly attached to, and has been repeated many times.  Ghaissari first of all has chosen beautiful and sound title for the simile subject matters and arranged them respectively.  Then, has distinguished the vocal symmetries and at last, has stated the short statements which have not any explanatory aspect.  The book contains two parts: The first consists of Lyric poems with common and similar contents and the second, includes those poetries with uniformed and repeated compounds.

Toos Publication has printed the book of The Problematic Lyric poems of Hafriz by the same author.


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