Minavi in the Realm of Persian Literature

55.000 تومان



Minavi, Mojtba, Realm of Persian Literature. Tehran: Toos.

 Minavi in the Realm of Persian Literature, is a collection of articles with an introduction, which alludes to unwritten points of Minavi’s life, dedicated to his remembrance by Mahmonir Minavai, the sister of the author.  The book consists of 47 articles by Professor Minavi himself, compiled in two major parts: The first part contains 24 essays – respectively dated- and mostly are in the field of Iranology, Literature, Social problems, Freedom and Press.  The second volume includes 23 articles, which deals with Linguistics, Etymology and Grammar. These are supplements to Minavi’s notes,which have been and will be permanently published by the Executive Committee of Minavi Library.  Although his articles have been printed and appeared in academic periodicals such as Yaqma, Sokhan, Rahnamaye Ketab, Ayandeh, before,but as a necessity and importance, in particular in the case of  some essays like the one on Freedom, should be always given publication.


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