Iranian Culture before Islam

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Professor Dr. Mohammad Mohammadi, one of the few brilliant scholars, historians and historiographers, Man of the Letters, linguists, the expert of Arabic and Persian (Old and Modern) Language and Literature and the founder of Persian Literature chair in American University of Beirut, where he has got also his Master and Ph.D. degrees in Arabic Language and Literature. Being realized that in spite of definitive historical evidence on the seminal and contructive influence that Iranians had in the formation and devlopment of many literary, cultural and scientific aspects of the Arabic language and social – political formation, there was almost no mention of that in any of the textbooks or in class discussions; He became aware of crucial need and deep rooted and comprehensive research on these subjects and this theme

turned to be the corner stone of Professor Mohammadi’s life long endeavor.  He is the author of many articles and books on Persian and Arabic Literature and Language and Iranian influences on different aspects of Arabs Culture and World View.


Mohammadi, Iranian Culture before Islam. Tehran: Toos


Iranian Culture which covers an introduction and 11 essays on Cultural Iranian Works and the result of Arabs invation; Sassanid’s Administrative Organization and its impact on Caliphat’s State; Scientific movement in Abbasid’s era and the translations (from Pahlavi to Arabic) of Iranian Literatures; Persian tales and mythes in Arabic Literature; Iranian Philosophical and Scientific meditations since Anooshirvan Period onto the first Islamic centuries; Gondishahpour, Irnaian International University and Medical Center; Theoretical and Practical Ethics, is another research on unread and undisclosed knowledges about the hidden magnificent history of Iran.  


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