Index of Scholarly Works on Hafiz

45.000 تومان



 Ghaissari, Ebrahim, Index of Scholarly Works on Hafiz.  Tehran: Toos, 2001.

For centuries, there have been many scholars, poets, literarymen…  who have writen, interpreted, and edited different versions of Hafiz Manuscripts and Poetry, but “the story is still going on”.  One of the prolifile aspects in searching on Hafiz, is the critics and discussions on some debateful verses which have been done and offered by famous scholars working on Hafiz.

Dr. Ebrahim Ghaissari in result of long time inquiring and meditating very disciplined on Scholarly and Literary Works on Hafiz, has prepared an Analytical Index of all these researches with a Scientific Method and dedicated to the readers and lovers of Hafiz.

Scholars, Students and other readers who have any difficulty HafizLyric Poety, can disclose and solve the complexities of his poems and ideas.



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