History and Culture of Iran

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Mohammadi, M. History and Culture of Iran [During Transitional Period of Sassanids  to Islamic epoch]. Tehran: Toos, 6 Volumes.


History of Iran is the outcome of 50 years deep investigations of Professor Mohammadi on common aspects of Persian and Arabic Languages and the History and Culture of these areas which can function as a medium to establish dialogues between civilizations and cultures, and progress the so-called nations awareness about their origin and identity.


These 6 Volumes have two main purposes: 1. To bridge between the Pre-Islamic Iranian Culture and Civilization and the Post-Islamic Iranian History as a unique Culture which appeared under the Islamic Period and in the case of the written materials, in Arabic language.  In addition, to deny any break or fall down of such glorius civilization, although flourished even more strongly in first three centuries after Islam and Arab’s invation and lasted effective till Middle Ages and Modern Times and served the Science and Knowledge in the world.  2. To search for the Iranian Origins and Highlights and disclose the real feature of what has been continued under the Arabic and Islamic civilization.

In these 6 volumes the reader can find subjects such as, Organizational and Administrative Systems in Sassanid Epoch appearing under the name of Divans [Courts] and later, with the label of Islamic Caliphate [Rulers] under the Arabs sovereignty.  The sixth vol. is maily on Music; In fact, this work focuses mostly on the book Al-Aghani [The melodies] in 24 Vols.  It attempts to demonstrate that Al-Aghani was and is the most analytical, descriptive work on music in that time which can be used permanently as a fundamental textbook with the additional scholarly considerations.  Perhaps it will help the search for the origins and the structure of National Music and its role in European Music, besides what are mentioned already in these vols. Proving the influences of Persian Music on Arabs.


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