Dragon in Mythology of Iran

20.000 تومان



Rastegar Fassaii, Mansour, Dragon in Mythology of Iran.  Tehran: Toos, 2000.

Whoever engages in search with Iranology, Archeology, Mythology and Ancient Cults, is familiar with the difficulties of the research work on entry of Dragon, specially if this research does not limit itself only to this topic inside Iran, but also spreads the attempt outside the country and other subtitles of Dragon such as Devil Dragons; Good Dragons; The Dragon killers Champions; Dragon in Religious Narration; Dragon in Mystical texts; Dragon in Artistic Metaphors and  Similes and Epic Examples after Shahnameh[The Letter of Kings].  Professor Dr. Mansour Rastgar Fassaii in the position of scholar, editor and who teaches in Shiraz University, has advanced his research on Dragon in Mythology successfully, the work which should have be done by a group of researchers.  Anyhow, only a glance on Persian  and  Arabic references will picture the value and greatness of this forbearing task.  Toos Publication is greatly satisfied publishing the second edtion of this work which needed editions, and present it to the scholars and university circles.


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