Charming Stories of Persian Literature

17.000 تومان



Khanlari, Zahra [Kia], Charming Stories of Persian Literature. Tehran: Toos, 1998,

The work is one of the masterpieces, which has been always recognized as a best seller book and won prizes too.  Noble Master of Literature and Thought, Master Professor Natal Parviz Khanlari has written the introduction.

Professor Dr. Zahra Khanlari who was herself one of the outstanding figures of Persian Literature and Art, internationally known, was among founders of Sokhan Periodical and at the same time, colleague of late Master Khanlari, has composed very artistically and skilfully, some of the famous Texts of the Old Persian Literature in new style and generous stories under the same title as have been appeared in the history of Literature in the past.

Some of the sages, men of learning, whose treasury works have been used as source of creation for new stories by the author of this book are as follow: Ferdowssi; Nezami; Attar; Khdjooye Kermani; Faizi Dakani…


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