Art and Iranian Society

45.000 تومان



Aadle, Shahriar; Eshraghi, Ehsan, Editors, Art and Iranian SocietyTehran: Toos; with the cooperation of Iranology Institute of France in Tehran.

The book compiled of four parts, attempts in dealing with four dimensions of art to say Painting; Metal; Ceramics; and Architecture in Iranian Society.

In the First Part, B.W. Robinson, one of the most knowledgeable experts of Iranian Painting, sketches the fundamental lines of evolution in Persian Painting since the first of second half of 8th [14th] century onto Nasseri Period.

The Second Part proceeds the art of Metal, first from sociological point of view and then, Form standpoint.

The Third Part meditates on Ilkhani’s era in general, and mentions two unique kinds of glazed tiles in the world belongs to Kashan and describes the collection of Louver Museum on this period, in particular.

The Fourth Part engages in Architecture and contains 4 articles on ” Kashaneh, Bastam Towers; Livid Dom of Maraghe” and “Khodakhaneh of Shiraz


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