15.000 تومان



Arra, Jamasp, Ardavirafnameh, Tehran: Toos


Among the Middle Persian [Pahlavi] texts, Ardavirafnameh probably is the most popularized and fascinating one which usually being compared with Dante’s Divine Comedy.  The text explains the release of Ardaviraf, Sacred Viraf, to other world and his vision of Paradise and Hell.  In fact, by this symbolic journey, man will be aware of the termination of his deed in present life.  This text has been translated to Modern Persian and other languages several times; some manuscripts of Ardavirafnameh including pictures have been remained since old times.  Two Revised Version of these manuscripts are published respectively in 1872 and 1902.  The second extinct one will be published for the first time in Iran.  It can be also used as a textbook for instruction of language in general and Pahlavi language in particular, due to its fluent prose and attractive content.  Toos Publication actualizes this idea as a cultural attempt.



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