A New Research on Origins of Nowrooz

25.000 تومان



Borumand Said, Javad, A New Research on Origins of Nowrooz.  Tehran: Toos, 1998.

The book has been arranged in four chapters to give a bright and useful picture to the readers and the scholars.

The First part allocates to the first month of the spring [Iranian first month of year], Farvardin, the month in which Zoroaster has been born, the flourishing month  of the year when the  nature is full of vessecity and creativity.

The Second part deals with the offerings and sacrifices and cult feasts which take place in this month.

The Third part meditates on the origins and the ideas of Nowrooz, celebration, and the [Jamshid’s] comsmic transformation.  In this chapter the writer discusses some subjects such as the justice of Jamshid.

The Fourth part concentrates on the ceremonies and rites of this month that mostly have been forgotten or transformed to different and new ones which lasts till now.   We can mention some of these feasts: Nowrooz Harp; Nowrooz and Music; Colourful Dresses of the Festiva Hair and Hand colouring…

In one of the chapters the writer has give some remarks on the folk poetry called “Nowroozkhani”.


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